Susie Rosenwasser, M. Ed.
Reiki Jin Kei Do
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Arlene (breast cancer survivor)

Susie lives five hours away from my home. But she was able to join me for one of my chemotherapy treatments. During that treatment and the evening that followed it, Susie did Reiki continually on me. I felt more relaxed than I had ever felt since I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and certainly during any of my treatments. My entire body felt calm and warm. It was as if I could feel the Reiki working, healing my body from the outside in and the inside out.

Frank Citrone, Jr.

I have been receiving Reiki from Susie over the last 2 years. I find the experience to be exhilirating. If I am experiencing pain in a particular area of my body, I let Susie know prior to receiving Reiki. Invariably, after Reiki, my pain disappears. I find the experience so relaxing that I frequently fall asleep before the session is over. Susie is a caring loving person and has been a big help to me in my battle against cancer.

Debby Stringham (Professional Dancer, Dance Faculty, Bridgewater State College)

I know Susie as both a healer and a teacher. She has a tremendous capacity to be completely there for you, intuitively sensing where you are and what you need. This ability of Susie's has helped me to feel totally supported and able to tap into deep healing energy whenever she works with me. Her warmth, caring, and compassion, combined with her Reiki knowledge and expertise make her a wonderfully gifted healer and teacher.

Lois Freedman (Prenatal/Postpartum Counselor)

For the past ten years, my family and I have been blessed to have had Reiki sessions with Susie. The sessions are relaxing, comforting and healing. Susie is a special treasure; she has a gentle touch and a wise, compassionate way.

Jeanne (Wakefield, NH)

I don't usually believe in things like Reiki but I can get very stressed and tense around my neck and shoulders to the point that they feel like rocks. When I receive Reiki from Susie, I feel the stress melt away and can really relax my shoulder area. I feel the warmth from her hands and soon I feel relaxed all over and have a new attitude towards the stresses in my life.

Mary (Reiki Student and Client)

I first went to see Susie for a Reiki treatment 6 years ago when the stress of loss and grief was taking a heavy toll on me. I had been to other Reiki Practitioners in the past and had even trained in Usui Reiki, so I knew how beneficial a treatment could be. From the moment that Susie laid her hands on me, I knew that her ability to heal and to comfort was beyond anything I had ever experienced before. I was able to enter a deeply meditative state, something I had been unable to do for myself for a long time. I returned many times to Susie, and each time she created a place for me to quiet my mind and listen to my heart. It was her example of the strength of the Reiki Jin Kei Do lineage that inspired me to train with her. Her classes are a wonderful experience and a great gift for yourself and all those you touch.